October '15 production and delivery update - Blog

Hey Jon,

There is clearly stuff happening at Fairphone. Some of us are currently in China, talking with Hi-P. Some of us are talking with Google about our Open Source version of Android. Some of us are unboxing the new T-Shirts that just came in (YAY!).

But that we are working, does not mean we have news or updates every day. Sometimes we are here biting our nails until test results come in (SAR and iFixit) or when a small part of our team is doing investigations. Just like you, I am waiting for news to arrive from China about the PCB’s.

Making a Fairphone is a process and results (and news) come at the end of that process. In the meantime… we’ll have to relax and accept that making and delivering phones is not a walk in the park.


I get it, I appreciate everyone is very busy, this is a huge undertaking and I think Fairphone is going a good job. I think though that rather than highly polished blog posts detailing a number of items, a slightly rougher more regularly update post would be helpful, daily isn’t neccessary as everyone is busy, but I don’t think once a week is too much to ask.


Thanks for the update Douwe! :smile:
I have to admit that even your statement that there are no news is more satisfying than no statement at all.

¿May I haz t-shirt? :grin:

[quote=“douwe, post:55, topic:10635”]
Delivery for the first phones is still planned to start mid December.
[/quote]Getting very excited! :smile:

[quote=“douwe, post:61, topic:10635”]
In the meantime… we’ll have to relax and accept that making and delivering phones is not a walk in the park.
[/quote]Thanks for the awesome suggestions! :laughing:

It’s not about patience and trust. I am patient and I trust Fairphone.

But it’s disappointing when I’ve given them loads of money half a year in advance and we struggle to get basic updates.

We were told assembly would begin on November 23rd. That day we were told it hadn’t. And since, nothing. Has it started since then? Is there a timeline for it to start again? Even just a “I’ve asked but we’ve got no news yet” would be welcome.


Because that resolves some of the uncertainty. It takes only a few moments to let us know that there’s no news - but keeping us updated is surely a simple courtesy for those who are keen to know how it’s going? Particularly after some pretty big news that there has been a problem on the day assembly was expected to begin.


I’m patiently waiting for my Fairphone 2. :innocent:

But I think that this:

is contradictory.

You have no news about the production or (pre-)assembly of the phone but you can plan the delivery?

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You don’t know what problems they have. “Allegedly there are problems with the PCBs” could also mean that the production of these was postponed by a week and therefore shipment is delayed by one week. Nobody knows about the state, so we have to wait until douwe knows and then he might share it with us.

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Furthermore, it is possible that they were using the time efficiently working on other tasks involved in the production, while finding a solution on the PCBs, like assembling everything else for example! :wink:

I’m becoming more and more impatient as well, but that’s just the growing excitement to finally hold my new phone very soon now and I still trust Fairphone doing their best to make it come true as soon as it’s possible! :slight_smile:


In Germany we call this growing excitement Vorfreunde :smile:

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I can’t vouch for everyone, but I’d wager this is exactly why people ask questions. They want to know.

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Hi all,

I’m working on a production update to you all - planning a blog for tomorrow, and hopefully later today a short version for the forum.

I’ll update you at the end of day. Thanks for your patience!



YEAH! THX…hopefully great news :grimacing:

Please continue here: :slight_smile: