October '15 production and delivery update - Blog

Originally it was going to be delivery in October, then it was November, then it was December, and now people are talking about January … Sigh …

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The Fairphone 1 was scheduled for delivery in Fall 2013 for pre-orders. This shifted towards December, and then well into January. Looks like the same pattern this time around. Maybe we’ll see an update of the DIY paper fairphone for Christmas (see here if you want a paper FP1).

Tip for those who are moving around the projected delivery date: when you get an e-mail that changes of address aren’t possible after a certain date, don’t assume that the delivery window is fixed. In my case there was another 2+ weeks delay from the projected shipping date and I had to arrange for the phone to chase me to another country.


I think it’s very probable that there will be a paper FP2 because I don’t think that all FP2s will arrive before Christmas and this way people have something to lay below the Christmas tree.

Does anyone know whether what was announced here turned out alright, that is, the final assembly of the last modules started in October, the 23rd ?

Due to this delay, we are now estimating that the final assembly of the
last modules will start on 23 November, with the first deliveries to
customers taking place at the beginning of December

November you mean? :smiley:

No, it didnt.


Thanks ! This is annoying.

In the October update Fairphone told us, that “For example, the factory will pre-assemble everything they can to ensure that the phones make it off the assembly line as fast as possible once the final materials arrive.”

November update: “… we are getting closer to production.”

So there hasn’t been any pre-assembling yet, or has it?

It actually could be that they already assembled all the modules for example.

That’s why I would interpret that quote that they meant assembling and finishing the whole phones.

If there’s problems with the PCBs it should still be possible to do some preassembling with all the other parts. You just won’t get a functioning phone without a PCB and have to wait with the final assembly until everything’s ready to go.

I’m really anxious to see if @Douwe has a nice juicy update on what’s happening (or not happening) for us tomorrow! :smile:

Why doesn’t our nice community manager ask his colleagues when the FP2 will be delivered so that people don’t waste time here trying to find out? Yes, if you can’t open your phone, you don’t own it - but if the company you bought it from doesn’t delivery it, you also don’t own it.



This is getting pretty frustrating, I don’t mind if my phone doesn’t arrive until February but I think the level of communication from Fairphone is terrible. You’ve hinted at problems with the PCB’s last week, I think it’s time for a proper update and an estimate of when the issue will be resoloved. I don’t mind if it turns out to be inaccurate as long as you update us when you have new information.

Don’t forget that we have financed this phone, you need to treat us with some respect.



As far as I can see, there hasn’t been an update in more than a week now. That’s hugely disappointing.

Come on, how about a little patience and trust in the Fariphone company?

We’re talking about the manufacturing of a new telephone with a revolutionary design that has never been tried before by any other brand. Of course things are different in the real world than on the drawing table. We did a pre-order so know that there are no guarantees on delivery. On top of that, both us - buyers - as Fairphone have the same interest: to ship a telephone that meets its (technical) demands as quickly as possible. Until now I have no reason to believe that Fairphone is not doing its utter best to meet these demands.

I don’t need a weekly update, especially when it turns out that FP cannot keep to these deadlines. Until I hear something, I’ll just be patient.


I’m totally patient, I appreciate this is a new phone and I don’t mind (within reason) how late it is. I do however mind that someone can’t spend 10 minutes either writing a blog post or updating us on the forum, because that is all it would take. Then I’d be happy to sit and wait.


Hey you all,

Sorry to keep you waiting. There is currently no news. Delivery for the first phones is still planned to start mid December.

Trust me if I say we here at the office are just as excited and impatient as some of you here. Does someone here have good tips to relax and make the waiting more bearable?


Yes, regular updates :wink:


I sense there is a reason that there have been no news for a week:

So why would you expect him to write an update when there are no news? Just trust those folks that they will tell us when there are news.

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[quote=“douwe, post:55, topic:10635, full:true”]Does someone here have good tips to relax and make the waiting more bearable?

Ok, so since the delivery is uncertain, how about the release of the source code and the tools to build a google-blobs-free AOSP version of the Fairphone OS? I think this could be a very nice way to relax…

We are working on that and it will most likely be released before the first phones are shipped.


I don’t want to keep going on about this, but there clearly is/was news as there was a problem with the PCB’s and production didn’t start on the day stated.

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