October '15 production and delivery update - Blog

completely agree!
@douwe Is Fairphone planning a “production update” for this weeks blog entry?

We are planning indeed, but I can not say when as some of the dates that should be in that blog are now unclear


As delivery date nears, even if there seems to be some bumps ahead, are there any news about the software? Just asking as I very much would like to have permission management for apps like in CM and the likes…


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So are there any news ?

New blog post is just in! https://www.fairphone.com/2015/11/25/sar-spare-parts-and-everything-you-need-to-know-about-your-fairphone-2/


My issue - this is 3 blogs in one.

Fairphone team (@Douwe) you really need to break these things up. For a start, unless all 3 pieces of info come in aright at once, it’s artificially holding back some info. Secondly, online content performs much better when broken into single-subject chunks.

Can we please have shorter, more regular single-subject blogs?


I disagree with you on that. It’s a decent update, which is not too long and it doesn’t feel like they artificially held information back to give a longer update. So far, Fairphone has done a very good job at keeping us updated and it appears that there’s another couple of updates around the corner.

I would also be happy about shorter and more regular updates, but @Douwe does a nice job and Fairphone’s been more than fair regarding their communication! Of course there’s always room for improvement, but it also need to make sense and we couldn’t tell really, as we’re missing all the behind the scenes info. Compared to other companies, I’m still more than happy with Fairphone and think that others can learn a lot from them! :smile:


It’s the end of november and still I don’t know when my Fairphone 2 will be delivered.

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I think they don’t even know themselves… :blush:

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I always thought announcing a delivery date before you had mass produced any devices was a bit unwise.

But not announce a delivery date (as a best guess based on the available data) would (and did) annoy a lot of people as well…
As you can see: it is not possible to make it right for ALL!

And until now it seems it is only a week…


True enough. I would have thought building in a month of spare time for delays would have been wise though. People are very forgiving if you give them a weekly update!

I am very sure that they build in spare time for delays, especially after the experience with their last phone. They might just have used it all up.
Not holding the FP2 in my hands yet but I hope it is not too early to say that they’re doing much better than last time :thumbsup:

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I just hope my delivery number close to 3000 is small enough for a delivery before christmas :smiley:

Mine is around 6600 so I’m in doubt about the delivery before christmas

Originally it was going to be delivery in October, then it was November, then it was December, and now people are talking about January … Sigh …

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The Fairphone 1 was scheduled for delivery in Fall 2013 for pre-orders. This shifted towards December, and then well into January. Looks like the same pattern this time around. Maybe we’ll see an update of the DIY paper fairphone for Christmas (see here if you want a paper FP1).

Tip for those who are moving around the projected delivery date: when you get an e-mail that changes of address aren’t possible after a certain date, don’t assume that the delivery window is fixed. In my case there was another 2+ weeks delay from the projected shipping date and I had to arrange for the phone to chase me to another country.


I think it’s very probable that there will be a paper FP2 because I don’t think that all FP2s will arrive before Christmas and this way people have something to lay below the Christmas tree.

Does anyone know whether what was announced here turned out alright, that is, the final assembly of the last modules started in October, the 23rd ?