Number of ring tones before it goes to message

How can I increase the ring time on my Fairphone 4


Best way is to create your own ‘ring tone’ . I use an mp3 music file of over three minutes

does this extend the time before the call is fowarded to mailbox🤔

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Have a look here and see if this works

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I’ve never checked my mailbox :slight_smile:
Just checked my EE voice[mailbox] and I have none there

Since 2G, you can increase it to 30 sec max, unless your provider has a fixed setting (for example with Orange F it’s 20 sec.)

Maybe I’m wrong about the length of time my ring tone plays. I use a particular track for a few reasons, so maybe I’m so used to hearing it I think it never stops.

I’ll check to see if it is 20 or 30 seconds maybe :slight_smile:

It also maybe down to how long the caller can keep the connection alive ??

See this and following posts in the same thread.

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I use a song as ring tone and it would never play till the end even if the caller would be that penetrant. @chantoine explained it its around 15-20-30seconds max.

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Thats exactly as described in the article I linked to

Thank you all for your response. Dial a code 61*331100# then dial the 00 is the time your desire. You will get a return that confirms the new time. If it fails you will get “invalid MMI code…” the It turns out that the length of time the phone rings is dependent on your service provider. I use Telekom. I was able to increase the length of time to 90 seconds. On my wife’s phone using Congstar I could not get more than 30 seconds.

Thank you all for replying Jim


Minor comment: your provider can set the maximum length. The code you dial allows you to choose a value less than or equal to the limit set by the provider.
I rather suspect (but haven’t made any tests), that if you try to set a value greater than the limit set by the provider, your request will be ignored (rather, for example, than resulting in a setting equal to the maximum value set by the provider).

Want your Samsung Galaxy Note to ring for longer? Here’s how to change the ring pattern.

Using the keypad, dial **61*Divert No.*11*N#
Then press the call key and you're all done.

N= number of seconds you’d like it to ring for (from 5 to 30 seconds). If you want to increase the number of times just enter a higher number for example for 25 seconds enter 25#.

Apparently in 5 sec increments

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