Notifications show on open apps since the latest updates

Hey, since I think the second to last software update (on Android 13) I’ve been constantly getting my notifications in Fairphone 4 popping over whatever app I’m using. So, for instance, if I’m watching a movie or playing duolingo, I get the news reports, emails and messages over it. Which is super annoying.

This used to not be the case. Now I no longer can find the option where the notifications pile up on the background and I can check them later when I’m done using another app.

So, does anybody know, do I have to just turn notifications off altogether or is there still some option that I could choose to keep notifications without them showing over the open apps?

The offending setting is called (very explicitly) “Bubbles” (you’ll find it in “Settings/Notifications”), turning it on allows apps to spawn those annoying floating pop-up windows.

So I thought too, but I already checked that and I have bubbles already turned off. It’s not what causes the issue.

Did you check the individual apps’ “Bubble” settings? It could be that the general switch doesn’t work (wild guessing here…).

Thanks. I tried to check this, but I can’t for my life find the bubble setting for the individual apps.

Ah yes, it’s well hidden… :laughing:
Also the individual “Bubbles” settings only appear when the general “Bubbles” switch is “on”…
So, turn “Bubbles” (Settings/Notifications) on, and then go to:
Settings/Apps/[select app]/Permissions/Notifications/Bubbles.
To change, click on the “Bubbles” entry, and you get 3 choices (All/Selected/None)

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