Notifications from mastodon not working

I have had my FP4 for about a month now, and regardless of whether I have all notification settings turned on for the mastodon app (both in the FP’s notification settings and the mastodon app’s settings) I can’t get the phone to actually notify me when there’s an engagement over at mastodon.

Anyone else with this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

Did you disable any of the Google apps by any chance? :thinking:
The official Mastodon app uses FCM to get the notifications and if you disable the wrong Google apps that can break.

If you haven’t disabled anything you could try Megalodon (Google Play | IzzyOnDroid) or Moshidon (Google Play | IzzyOnDroid), which are both forks of the official app and also use FCM, to check if it’s the app or your system that’s having problems here.

I personally use Megalodon (not on stock FPOS but with microG) and that’s working fine.


Hm, I changed my default browser to Ecosia, and I’ve disabled some Google app notifications IIRC, but I don’t think I have disabled any of the apps outright.

I’ll try another app for mastodon and see if that works!

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