Notifications change from silent to sound

I don’t want any notifications to make a sound except text messages so I change the default notification sound to ‘None’. That works fine until I get a text, which also works as it should (i.e. makes a sound) but this seems to then change ALL notifications to the same sound. I have even downloaded a ‘Silent’ notification from a 3rd party app and set that as the default, but it doesn’t work. Also, when I go to reset the notification sound, nothing is selected. It is an annoying fault because any notification sounds like a text, such as calendar events, open wifi alerts, bluetooth connection etc. Is this a problem anyone else has seen?

Fairphone FP1, Cherry 1.6

Hey @Spangly
I’m sorry to see that nobody could provide you with a solution to your problem yet.
I don’t really have a solution either but you could try it the other way around: Set the sound you want for text messages as default notification sound and then mute all apps you don’t want to hear notifications from (or set their notification sounds to something different, less prominent).
I admit this is not very elegant, especially since some apps don’t have the option to set a custom sound or silence the notifications, but I’m wondering if that way recieving an sms would change the settings too.