Notifications & alarms

I’ve updated my FP1 to Cherry 1.6 and I’ve upgrade to unified storage partition, but now I cannot restore my old notifications & alarms (ringtones are ok).
I put my mp3 file in “Internal memory” under Notifications and alarms but I cannot see (and use) not all files (that I used before).

Is there a sort of limitation of the size, name, or others?

You must place your ringtone for alarms in the file ‘Alarms’ in your ‘Internal Memory’.
As there’s also a file ‘Notification’ in your ‘Internal Memory’ I would persume you have to put your ringtones for Notification here.

Yes, I know, I placed my files in the correct directory (that I used with version before) but If I choose an alarm tone in the Alarms section, I cannot find mine.

Update: Strange, now It’s ok. I cancelled and re-copied my files, rebooted the device and now it’s ok! o_O
Problem solved!

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As you’ve fix this, I will close this topic off so new replies are no longer allowed. Let me know if you have any further issues and we can reopen it for you.