Notification volume increases randomly (even from silent mode)


Since I updated to Android 6.0 (about a month ago), I am experiencing a weird glitch: My notification/call volume changes by itself without an indication of doing so.

I usually have my phone on vibrate, but sometimes I just pick it up after it laid somewhere and it’s on “sound”. Sometimes that even happens when I am holding it in my hand.
Usually when you change the volume, the little notification bar will come up so you see which volume you have - that doesn’t happen here. I just do something on my phone, it’s on vibrate, and the next time I look at the status bar it is on “sound”.

That also happens while I have silent mode turned on, which is incredibly inconvenient as I would, obviously, love for my phone to stay silent during that time.

I thought it might be my volume buttons being too sensitive, and me accidentally pressing them, but that theory doesn’t seem likely for two reasons:

  1. The notification volume bar doesn’t show up when the volume changes, which it would when you press those buttons.
  2. I used GravityBox to change the function of those buttons so they would always control media volume, not notification volume. But even when I did that, I still experienced it randomly switching sound on.

I haven’t seen anyone having the same problem so far.
Does anyone have ideas on how to solve or work around this?

I wouldn’t be that bothered by it, if it didn’t change out of silent mode as well - so maybe if you have ideas for how to force silent mode better, give them to me as well.

Thank you in advance!

Hey Laura!

Very strange indeed. To me it sounds like that maybe GravityBox and/or Xposed has something to do with that behaviour. Have you tried turning off some of the Xposed modules or GravityBox for a bit and then see if the issue still persists?

Another idea I have is that some App is causing it. Not too long ago I had an issue with my phone display always turning itself on without any reason and it took me quite some time to figure out that the Discord app was the root cause, trying to send notifications, while at the same time having those blocked by the Android settings.

Anyways, maybe someone else has another helpful hint. In the meantime you can try my idea and see what comes from it!



thank you for your reply!
I did try out your suggestions over the last few weeks. I turned off different Xposed and Magisk modules one by one (including GravityBox), but with each of them I still got the issue. Now it could be that it’s a combination of some modules that is causing the issue, but this would be hell to try out with the number of possible combinations…

About maybe an App causing it: Well, might be, but I have no idea how to go about figuring that out, as it could be literally any app.

Recently, without me being aware of any changes I’ve made to the phone, it seems to mostly only randomly change out of silent/vibration setting when it is plugged in to charging. I barely ever had it happen without charging for a while now.
It seems illogical and still isn’t really solved, but at least it’s not so much of a bother anymore as it was when I posted at first…

Thank you for trying to help btw!

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