Notification sounds sometimes being cut short on FP2, Android 7.1.2

Sometimes notification sounds (like SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, calendar notifications, …) are not played in full, but abort halfway through playing the sound. Sometimes they seem to be cut off even before they start, so I end up not hearing anything. This is especially annoying because I prefer to use very short notification sounds to begin with (at most 0.5 seconds). And yet, often the notification sound plays perfectly through to the end.

I’ve found some old topics elsewhere about Android in general:

  • This one suggests that it’s caused by the screen turning on and subsequently receiving touch input. This could be the case because the phone is often in my pocket with the screen against my thigh, but I’ve turned off “Ambient display (Wake screen when you receive notifications)” under Settings > Display so it shouldn’t be happening.
  • The same thread also talks about correlations with number of retained SMSes, but even if that isn’t a coincidence, I’m getting this issue not just with SMS but with WhatsApp and Calendar notifications as well.
  • This one reports that it’s caused by some random app, but I’d rather not try uninstalling my existing 99 apps to find out which (if any) is the culprit…
  • This one describes my problem accurately but has no suggested solutions.

And here on the FP forums:

  • This thread describes a different problem, notification sounds consistently not being played at all. I’ll try deleting the app cache and rebooting, but I doubt it’ll make a difference. And even if it works, there’s no guarantee that the problem won’t come back again.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

In very rare occasions I do experience notification sounds being cut, but when this happens for me it can be explained by one notification’s sound being cut off by the next notification.
E.g. if I get multiple eMails instead of “ring” “ring” ring" I hear “ri- ri- ring” or sometimes “ri- ri-”.

Not sure if that is related to your issue though.

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Thanks for your reply. I do think it’s a different issue, because when it happened again today, it was for a single WhatsApp message.

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