Notification sounds for email

I am disabled neurologically and struggle with sequential instructions.

Soeey if there is existing advice.

I am also a bit hard of hearing and need the phone ringer set LOUD.

I do not want to get sound notifications for email - just visual ones - how can I achieve that.

AND I cannot find an Icon for Email to put on my Home screen - How can I find one - PLEASE.

I am getting frustrated but am very grateful for ant efforts folk make to assist me.

How to get the phone ringer loud?
Power on your phone
Swipe from top to bottom
Tap on the icon far right on top of your screen (on my screen it is a blue icon of a poppet)
On the next screen tap on top of your screen on the middle icon (left from the a blue icon of a poppet)
Tap on Sound & Notification
The third option is Ring volume, slide the green dot to the far left.

About the email, do you have a Google-account?

Thanks for that - I am sorry, I did not say I had already found the loudness settings for the ringer - I suspect that is why the email notification is much too loud - in time - I will want to change email settings - so I do not get them automatically but just when I call for them , so the same ones do not turn up on my PC as well - but that is for when I have more time to investigate.

Do you use Email of Gmail as your email app?

Email - - - - -

Sorry I did not answer before - I also have a gmail account which redirects to the above ISP account

If you want to send an email, how do you get in the app you want to use?
I think you swipe from right to left to get into all apps, is that right?

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Ah - now I see - I have not done that right swipe before quite like I did just now - unfortunately - I have short term memory problems which causes difficulty when performing tasks in sequence until they are well established -

I simply did not recognise the email icon - but now I do.

I have not sent any emails from the Fairphone 2 yet - to locate it I do a search with Google - which produces a temporary link that I have used a couple of times - I won’t need to do that anymore - thank you very much.

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Now when you see the email icon, just tap on it and hold your finger there whilst you move the icon till it is on one of your homescreens, then release your finger.
Now you have placed the email icon on one of your homescreens.

Thanks - yes - I know that technique and had already done it but thanks anyway

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