Notification sound uploading videos

The notification sound pings continually when I send a video on WhatsApp and also when I listen to a voice message. I’ve looked through all the settings and this forum and can’t find this problem mentioned anywhere. Anyone else come across this?

pull down the notification shade, long press on the notification making the noise, and choose “silent”. you can also press the cogwheel to customize it even further, or turn it off completely.

Yeah it’s not giving me a notification when I want one. It’s when I want to send a video on WhatsApp it dings the whole time it’s uploading. I don’t want to have to set the phone to silent every time.

Do you only have issues in WhatsApp or also other apps?

like I’ve said - when the upload notification shows up, long press on it and you will have a button to set it to silent.

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Oh sorry I misunderstood you. Yeah that worked. Thanks it’s been driving me crazy!


good to (not) hear that (:

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