Notification pop up / settings: custom restrictions

Hi, I have a short question since perhaps there is another trick that does it:
running my FP2 with the latest Android 9 version. Running btw very smoothely and faster and more stable than Android 7 :wink:

My question is regarding the notification pop up’s in this android version (other blogs didnt really suggest a working solution): I wish to only block the pop up, which was possible to change in Android 7. The setting moved within Android 9 to another place, if one searches in the setttings for “custom restrictions” it is possible to toggle the setting block pop up. Only thing, that doesnt block all apps from poping up a new message/notification on the screen. Within the notification settings of an app it isnt possible to change that inidividually or overrule custom restrictions. Anyone an idea how to stop pop up notifications from apps?
Of course this is only cosmetic and not a big deal but anyhow, perhaps someone else figured this already out. `Thanks :slight_smile:

A happy Fairphone 2 Android 9 user!

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