Notification Light setting missing

Hey all, does anyone here use Signal Messenger? Apparently changing the LED color is supported by the app but I don’t see it in my settings.

Right now it blinks blue and I’d like to change it to green for greater subjective brightness.

I’ve been using SignalApp for months.
The strange thing is that I saw this setting, I changed the color (to pink/purple), at this time.
After I read your message, I’ve looked for it and was unable to find it again… but the LED color is still customized.

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Strange! I remember a while back I had mine switched to green and the option wasn’t there anymore but it was still green.

Perhaps this is a dev options thing and the app respects a certain flag and decides whether or not to show the color selector?

Apparently I’m not the only one. It’s a Signal thing, not a Fairphone thing.

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