Notification LED colors

I’m very happy the notification LED is finally working on the Fairphone 3. Nevertheless I’m still annoyed by the fact it doesn’t produce clean colors.

The built-in hardware consists of a red, a green and a blue LED, all others colors a mixture of several of them lighting up at the same time. For some reason there’s a delay and not all of them light up (and go dark again) at the same time (or being equally bright to produce the correct mixture), so the resulting color changes over the duration of the light pulse.

For example:

Off -> Red -> White -> Green -> Off

Off -> Red -> Magenta -> Blue -> Off

Off -> Red -> Yellow -> Green -> Off

This might sound purely cosmetic but since the chosen color is just visible at the peak of the light pulse I’m asking myself whether there’s room for improvements or if this is a technical restriction they had to deal with (it took some time to get the LED working it all, there might be technical hurdles we don’t know of).

Between the light pulses the LED doesn’t turn off completely - it keeps being a little little bit brighter than the surrounding area, thus visible in a dark room.


Haven’t noticed this with purple.

I assume, that i experience the same color changes as @4goettma.

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I moved this to #discuss:fairphone-3 because it is a general discussion about the notification LED. :slight_smile:

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I experienced the same issue. If you don’t need the pulsating LED, you can disable the pulses with a separate app. With a constantly glowing LED you can distinguish the colors quite well. I use “Light Manager” for it and also for defining different colors for the notifications and it works perfectly fine. However, sadly this option is no longer available in the current version of Light Manager, so you have to install an older version from an older apk. You can download the apk from several websites, e. g.: https://android-apk.org/com.koo.lightmanagerpro/47599092-light+manager+pro+-+led+settings-14.0.1/

I hope this works for you.

Thx, I will give it a try. I don’t have any experience regarding notification leds on android yet, so I assumed there wouldn’t be any way without root access to customize these.

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