Notification icon went crazy for a while, then notifications stopped

I’m talking about the notifications in and on that round mugshot icon, on the top right side of the page. (Web, Firefox)

It started a week ago (the same day “system” decided to spam the forum), when all of a sudden a notification (“Earned ‘Nice Reply’”) started stalking me: For several days it always went back up to the top of the list (as newest), despite being acknowledged and the post not receiving any additional “likes” and being long buried by newer ones.

Yesterday the rogue notification stopped wandering, at last, and went back to its rightful place in the timeline – but then I didn’t receive a single notification again: The notification list stopped being updated, some time yesterday, and yes, there have been several posts in several threads I’m watching. BTW the “Unseen” list is still updated, it is only the notification icon feature which has died.

Now this isn’t really a show stopper, but given the troubles started at the same time “system” went rogue and started spamming the forum by re-posting repeatedly old blog posts (see Volker for details), I think there might be some part of the forum which has become unstable.

Cant confirm as already confirmed by Volker last week. Everything is working normal, so a clear cache/browse history might be a good idea

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Ah - Your post did trigger a notification! First one since yesterday (about mid-day).
I’ll have to see if it’s fixed or this was just an exception.

BTW, it can’t be a cache/browser issue, since as I said the “Unseen” feature still works, so the forum does keep count of what has changed since last time I was here. It’s just the icon which isn’t (wasn’t?) updated. The numbers behind the threads are updated too.
Oh well. As I said it’s not big problem, just a heads up.

Edited to add: No, only you triggered a notification (moderator privilege? :laughing:). Just saw a thread I’m following which had 2 new posts - no notification.
As I said, I can live with that.

Have you checked the tracking setting at the bottom of the thread? That you got notified on your own thread is not surprising. But depending on the settings for the other threads that might vary. Discourse seems to adjust that setting automatically based on some factors while reading time, if you replied or liked something. If it was automatically adjusted, then it usually tells you why just next to it. If you want to make sure that you get notified about interesting things, double-check that setting.

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Yes, they are all still on “Tracking”. And as I said, other features like the “Unseen” count and the little blue dots with the “unread posts” count on threads I’m following still work.
It’s only the notifications on the mugshot icon which don’t work, or rather, they are selective: It showed a notification for your post here (apparently this thread triggers them), I also got notifications for a number of “likes” I got since yesterday, but not for the 5 other threads I’m following and which had several new posts since (including threads where those “likes” were given).
Oh well. :man_shrugging:

Why should they? Have you been mentioned or so? Please re-view the tracking status explenation and verify its set to what you expect and it what you expect is even possible. I dont get a bubble on my Avatar on each topic I commented at just because someone else adds a comment and only when I"m mentioned, a solution mark was set, a like given.


Setting a topic on “Tracking” doesn’t automatically trigger a notification if someone posts in this topic (only if they reply to, quote or mention you), it only does if set to “Watching” (which is the case for your own topics). If you want to change the notification level of topics you post in, you can in your preferences in “Tracking”.
So as @yvmuell said, it’s normal for these topics not to trigger notifications.


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