Notification for ongoing call - FP 4 Android 12

In Android 11 when I had an active call and switched to another app I was used to have a circle with a letter and an animated earpiece somewhere on the screen, giving 4 options- hang up, speaker, mute, back to call.

Now I have almost nothing:
Got a small earpiece on the left and animated earpiece on the right and a small green dot for the active mic.

If I swipe down I get a menu together with the old circle and a more visible mic- symbol:

Is this expected? Is this part of Android 12 or since the february update? Am I missing something here, maybe a setting?

Using Nova launcher, but can’t imagine that this is the reason?

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I believe this is how Android 12 works now. Looks the same here as well. Nova Launcher has nothing to do with it.

Thanks for the feedback / confirming!
I’ll check with another Android 12 phone, but that will take some days. If I remember correctly there was no change from Android 11 to 12?!

Don’t forget if you compare to a Samsung they may well have modified and default Android with their own interface as they often do.



Nokia 3.4 Android One

So either they configured it away or it’s another bug.

That looks like a bubble!? Did you check in the settings under Apps Phone App that this is enabled?


Well, it’s indeed a ‘bubble’.

I disabled bubbles in settings | notifications | conversation since ‘Some conversations will appear as floating icos on top of other apps’ isn’t something that sounds tempting to me…
(Requires a reboot to work)

Thanks for the suggestion!

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:laughing: I had the exact same reaction, it’s not only you…
My luck was that I got to see what it does before finding this setting, so I got to see the point in it.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Checked the settings for my old phone (Nokia 2.3 Android 11)- someone at Android or Nokia or Fairphone has a different or changing understanding what bubbles are…

I had that symbol for an ongoing call all the time.

Well, it’s not a bubble. You can disable bubbles and this ‘phone circle’ will still be there if the phone app works correctly.

Emptied cache and deleted app-data for the phone app and now I can disable bubbles again and still have the ‘phone non- bubble’ on the screen when focus is on another app :slight_smile:

I also have the same situation, I checked everything, but I could not set it up.

Read that for some people it wasn’t enough to delete app- cache and app- data, but they had to uninstall and reinstall the Google telephone app.

For the current version of the Google phone app (100.0.512999549) the ‘phone circle’ disappears after one call again and reappears after deleting app-data. The app cannot be completely uninstalled, but one can uninstall all updates, giving version which seems to work reliably. So I disabled updates for the app.

(Bubbles still disabled :slightly_smiling_face:)

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