Notification "battery temperature protected" not able to switch off

Since my FP3 was in ca 30°C for ca. 2h, I got the notification: “Battery Temperature Protected” Battery temperature is too high. Charging stops!

Now 3 day later, fortuntaly everything seems to stay okay. Meanwhile I did one full recharge. Everything works fine. But I cant switch off the notification. I changed the settings in System-UI, no impact. In accu settings I don´t found anything.

2 things I wonder,

  1. when I´m not able to switch off this notification, I will not be warned again?
    2, Are 30°C already a high temperature load, which is critical for the FP3?

Get someone already experience with this notification are high temperature load?


Hello! Having exactly the same issue. Did you find a way to resolve it?

Hello you two, welcome to our Community Forum. :slight_smile:

The fact that there hasn’t been any reply before might be because it is not all clear if the battery itself warmed up to 30°C or if it stayed in sunshine at 30°C air temperature. If it spent two hours directly exposed to sunshine at 30°C air temperature, I would think that there is a high risk for lasting damage at least to the battery itself.

If the warning keeps returning even after a reboot, I would recommend – if possible – to test another FP3’s battery in your phone. If you don’t know any other FP3 owner and if there is no Fairphone Angel who can help with that, you might want to buy a new battery. But it is not guaranteed that this is the cause, of course.

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I had the warning message after my FP3 had been lying in bright sunlight yesterday. The display was very hot (surely way above 30 °C); I can imagine the battery heated up as well. It was not charging.

I rebooted and the message disappeared.

Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:


Reboot to clear an error message?! Just like Windows.

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