Notification bar (unknown symbol etc.)

In my notification bar is a symbol and some information, I don’t know or I’d like to switch off .

Near to connections status there is a :star: and I have no idea, what it is for (–> red arrow), my wife’s fp2 doesn’t have it. What does it mean?

On locked screen (only when locked) scrolls information about the network provider(s) (using no SIM2) (–> green arrow). Is it possible to switch this off as the icons for the not used SIM card-slot (when the 2nd SIM is disabled in the preferences?

thanks in advance

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Right now my phone rebooted by itself.
I don’t know why and I hope it won’t do further.

But the :star: has gone.

It’s to limit the phone to priority notifications only. You can select this option when changing your ringtone volume with the volume keys.

More info:


To change the status bar you’ll need root I’m afraid.