Notification bar, unknown (microphone) symbol


after a one year break using LOS on my FP2 I installed yesterday again the latest LOS 17.
I can see now in the notification bar a microphone symbol, where I do not know why it is there and where it belongs to.


Does anybody knows this?

It looks like “Start Recording” with Audio Recorder under my standard Fairphone OS.
(To be added or removed in the edit-mode of the pull-down overview of icons.)

For me this appears, when audio is recorded (i.e. the microphone is used). You can check which apps were using it in the settings (in German it’s “Datenschutz”, in English it might be something like " privacy")

Thanks for the hint, this exactly was the way to find out why this symbol shows up.

Even better: it has shown to me that the Google apps uses the microphone, this I directly switched off.
I thought I had deactivated almost all in Google what is not really mandatory.
I’ll spend later further time to check a bit more in detail what in addition I can find in ‘Datenschutz’ settings.

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