Notification bar cut off in landscape mode

Continuing the discussion from Software update: FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826:

Android 12 made it slightly better because it indents space next to the battery icon for the camera/microphone indicator. But the clock is still cut off.

This is fixed for me in Android 12 when I rotate the phone to the left (i.e., the selfie camera is on the left). When I rotate to the right, the time is getting cut off. So, it’s at least partially fixed. :man_shrugging:

Broken by FP, partially fixed by Android 12 because of the indented space for the mic/camera indicator :nerd_face: It’s a win. But I had higher hopes for this release considering we were skipping entire updates for this one. I thought, now the gloves come off and they make a perfect release. But nope, not even this minor thing got attention.

I’m starting to think that submitting issues to support doesn’t do anything.


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