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I have a Fairphone 4 with Android 13. In the settings, it seems to be impossible to separate the notification sound from the ringing sound, which means that the phone is constantly beeping because of notifications received. As I use this phone also at work, this means it is quite annoying and I need to disable the sound in general, but then it doesn’t ring of course when a call is coming in.

Can these two sounds be separated somehow? I cannot seem to find a way to do this. Thanks!

I am using FP 5 but it’s the same Android so let me try.
You can differentiate the notification sounds from the ring sound in settings.
Also you could try in do not disturb settings mute all the notifications but not calls.
Hope that helps

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Here you have a screenshot of a A13 Fairphone 4 … you can select different volumes for Phone, Notification and Media …


Hi! Thanks!

I do not manage to separate the notifications from the ringing sound. I see notification and ringing volume combined in the same slider in the settings. How do you change that?

The work around would be indeed putting the phone all the time in “do not disturb” and allow exceptions, but…

Do you use FPOS or a custom ROM?


Honestly, I don’t know :grin: And the fact that I don’t seems to indicate that I must have the “factory settings”…


My question was adressed to @dblake because its not possible with the standard Fairphone system at the moment while Custom ROM have this feature since a long time. So the only way might be the do not disturb workaround.

What I meant was not changing the volume for one of them ( it is not possible on my FP5), but changing the notification sound - is it possible on your FP4? If yes, one of the choosable sounds for notifications is none.


Hi if you try going to Settings - Notifications - App Settings. You’ll then see all App Notifications. There you can select your messaging apps and their notifications. You could disable notifications for your messaging apps. This will mean you’ll get call notifications but no message notifications. Hope this helps!

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Yes possible on FP4 and indeed what I would suggest.
Just set default notification sound to None. That will cut all of them in one go.

Any exceptions give them a specific sound.

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I turn the sound of when I don’t want to hear the notifications…. I wouldn’t know how to to it otherwise …

The original question of this topic was how to set the volume for notifications separately from ringtone volume - i.e. how to cancel the sounds of notifications but still have the phone ring when somebody calls.

If you turn off sound completely the phone won’t ring. That’s fine if you’re in a concert or theatre but that’s not the use case of the OP (Original Poster).

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That’s true … Sorry. I wouldn’t know how either