Notes on phone that wouldn't sync lost after OS update. Any hope of recovery?

I have never ever been able to sync any app from my phone to the Murena cloud, other than my email. All my notes in the Notes app were always stored on my phone and persisted through all previous /e/OS updates.
But, today, my phone updated to /e/OS 1.9-s-20230310268290-stable-FP3 and all my phone-stored notes are gone. My Notes app is now sync’ed and, I’m assuming, sync’ed with the empty Notes stored in the cloud.

Is there any hope that I can recover the notes that were stored on my phone?

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Are you aware that there is a dedicated forum for the Fairphone and e/OS ( Murena)

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Thanks @anon9989719 . I’ll migrate my post, if it is more appropriate.

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It’s not wrong to ask here (that’s why we have the #eos-murena tag), but it doubles your chances if you post over there, too :wink: .


Just a suggestion. I’m using (a privacy orientated EMail company from Germany) for a few years already and I’m satisfied with it.
I’m only using the options Email, calendar and contacts synchronization, though.
It’s working fine with /e/ and without GApps on Android and on PC you can use Thunderbird for it.

I have never gotten spam from and almost no spam from outside.

Hi! Maybe in this case you should go to a specialist for qualified help?

Please specify who or which enterprise you have in mind.
There are a lot of specialists out there … until they see a niche device like a Fairphone, running an even more niche OS like /e/OS … then their specialism ends pretty quickly.
This is not Samsung, Google, Huawei or you-name-the-global-brand territory here :wink: .

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Are you sure it’s the same Notes app? Since Android doesn’t care about unique app names, the update could have brought another app with the same name, just laying beside your former one. Unlikely, but still possible.

And you finde the application ID (technical app name which has to be unique, like org.mozilla.firefox) in the app details, just at the end. If you post it here, you may even find some people here not using /e/OS, but that specific app.

But honestly, if it’s the same app, I wouldn’t set my expectations to recover the notes too high.

Seems like not all hope is lost …

You might also want to keep an eye on the mentioned GitLab issue …


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