Notes app Murena login won't work on Fairphone 3 with e/OS

I am still busy to get my Fairphone 3 ready to finaly make the switch from my Iphone to FP3.
One of the apps I use often is “notes”, to set reminders. The notes app on fairphone (e/OS) asks me to log in to my murena account. When I put in my name and number and click on “log in” nothing happens? Any suggestion on what is going on?
Any other reminder App will be okay too.
Thank you for your help.

I would rather post this question in the Murena e/OS Forum…

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Did you set up 2FA on the murena cloud?
Did you check your account under settings>accounts>your account?

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Which number are you referring to? The password of your account?
You might also try to use a different notes app…

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The “Notes” app is handy for info you’ll need to be able to look up at some future time, like packing and shopping lists, ideas for presents, map references, route itineraries …

If you want to be actively reminded to do things then consider using Calendar reminders or the Tasks app.


No I did not set 2FA in the Murena cloud.

Still not working, @RFH ?

Thank you for asking. Yes I got it working. Uninstalled it though cause the available space was running full in no time.
Have a good evening/day

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