Notes app crashing after upgrade

I upgraded my FP3 to e/OSv.2.0, and now when I open Notes app I can’t get past the “Welcome to Notes” screen: selecting either ‘choose account’ (and selecting my murena one), OR choosing ‘Use local notes’ both results in the app looping back on to the same Welcome screen.
And yes, I restarted.

Anyone any advice?

If there are no notes you need to preserve, I would try to reinstall the app or erase its data.

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Yeah, it may be getting there - any idea how I uninstall a built-in app?

I wasn’t sure if it’s a stock app (I am running iodeOS on my FP), stock-apps can’t be removed (without doing hacky things). But clearing the apps data should be sufficient.

Edit: Or disable the app if possible and enable it again.

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Success! After deleting the full data and cache: when I next opened it prompted a full re-import of files, then opened properly.
Cheers for the support.


Cheers for the link - fortunately not needed in the end, but good to know for the future.