[not yet solved] Anyone with issues when using the recent NewPipe releases and able to narow down the problem?

Hey folks,

I’ll keep this short, but is there any Fairphone model 2 user with all or some of these specs around that could perhaps provide additional information to my NewPipe issue? https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/issues/3255

OS: OpenOS
Android version: 7.1.2
App: (obviously) New Pipe
App versions: 0.18.6 or 0.18.7 (everything older works fine for me)
problematic app tab: What’s New (having some channel subscriptions)
Issue: phone (not just the app) crashes/reboots
adb: working

This is essential the tl;dr to my filed issue but at least at the moment I’m unable to provide any more information to the devs than I already did.

I use NewPipe frequently and would love to keep it, but running old(er) versions can be problematic as soon as YouTube changes their side again and I would need a newer version of their extractor. So, I image there are some OpenOS+NewPipe users around who perhaps are able to provide more information.

Side note: Are there any device-/OS-specific tricks to get adb connecting to my phone? While trying to provide more info, I failed to get this working. Though, I’m not sure if adb can provide any info at all if the problem is a crashing phone. Or can this actually work?

So, if anyone feels the urge to investigate this further, you may do so, but the NewPipe developers asked me to try a debug version of the next release and this release does work again. So, no real need for additional help any more. Unless, anyone can help me solve my USB debugging issue, that is.

While I now have a speculation where this issue is coming from, technically the issue still persists. So whoever feels addressed by this post, please try your best to provide help.

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