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Hi all, my FP3 doesn’t vibrate any more for incoming messages. I had it checked in the shop and they say the problem isn’t with the settings and so they need to send it off - and I’ll be without it for two weeks :frowning: I read in this forum about the vibrator test - that worked fine, and in fact it does vibrate for incoming calls. Has anyone any suggestions?

Hi welcome to the forum.

I don’t use vibration but will look at the settings.

Meanwhile can you clarify what OS you are using and what update/version?

Can you also state which app you are using for messages and what settings you have tried.

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I have Android 10 and I use WhatsApp and Signal plus the standard text message app. Which settings? I tried everything I could find, both the general settings and for the specific apps; includes Notification vibration: On. Which other settings can I tell you?
In case it’s relevant, 3 months ago I turned off the sound notification for all messages in order to have vibrate only. That worked for a while and now I don’t know exactly when the vibrate stopped working. I assumed it must have been from me messing with the settings but now I’ve been told that’s apparently not the problem. Thanks for any help!

More info may help. Does this happen only when to the screen is asleep, the screen is locked? Is it the same for each of the apps you mention?
What is the do not disturb status etc.

Search Vibration

Notification Feedback

The three message apps don’t vibrate at any time. I have a scheduled do not disturb status overnight to allow sound from calls but not messages. It definitely isn’t on in the daytime but I’ve just turned it off as an experiment!

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I’ve established now that the vibrate function works for messages only if the sound notification is also on. In other words I can have sound and vibrate together but not vibrate only. It’s the same for all: WhatsApp, Signal and Messages. Is this fixable?

Presumably you can either
a) turn the volume down for notifications
b) select a tune/sound/tone that is so quite, i.e. a sound file you make with no sound
c) Default notification sound > None

Thanks amoun for your quick response. How do I turn the volume down for notifications? I’d considered that but couldn’t see how to.
If I change the notification sound to None then the vibrate stops too. But I hadn’t thought of making my own silent sound, I’ll try that if I can’t turn the volume down.

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In Whatsapp:

In Signal:

… and so on…


I found a quiet tone (“selenium”) which would be perfect, except that it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I get a WhatsApp message with both tone and vibrate, other times nothing at all. Nothing to do with muted groups etc. So unfortunately it’s going to have to go off for repair.

Yes I do wonder sometimes that I didn’t hear a notification ???

Difficult to be sure isn’t it? But today I was back in the shop so I checked it with a staff member and got no notifications at all, so that was definite. (Then later on clearly heard both sound and vibration when a message arrived from somebody else :roll_eyes: )

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