Not tech-savvy, trying to do internet search without google on Fairphone 5

I am new to this phone and want to be sure I can get to my Yahoo email and internet searching… many of the google apps have been removed… how do I set up a browser and get to Yahoo email? and Zoom meetings too… Thank you

Swipe from bottom to the top.
Now you will see all the apps that are installed.
Go to the app Play store and search for Yahoo mail app and install.
The same for the Zoom app

Thank You, Lidwien! I think I may have disalbed Google play store… how do I get to it? It does not show an icon on my phone thank you

Go to the app Settings
Go to Apps
Go to See all xxx apps
Swipe to Google Play Store and tap on Open

If I recall correctly, you’ll also have a an icon on your start screen marked Google that looks like 4 smaller icons on a circle. If you click on that, you get a popup with all the apps from Google, including the Play Store.

Thank you Roger and Lidwien! I think I have figured some things out! Very grateful to you for taking the time to reply :blush:

You can also use a different app for searching the internet than Google, such as Ecosia. This search engine uses their profits to plant trees, which is really nice I think :slight_smile: You can download the app also from the Google Play Store.

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