Not sure if audio jack or headphones is the problem


Admittedly, I don’t use my Fairphone to its full potential, but I do use it a lot for listening music–the only time I’m not wired up is at work. Lately I’ve been experiencing some audio issues, and I was unsure if its the phone’s jack or my headphones.

If the headphone wire isn’t in the correct position, my left ear piece doesn’t work. Sometimes when I plug them in, the phone will inform me I can make calls with my mic, but it’s pretty random when it pops up. I did a bit of clicking about before this post and read that some headphones aren’t compatible (OMTP vs CTIA). I recently bought new headphones thinking they were faltering due to wear and tear but seem to be experiencing the same problem.I was just wondering if other users have experienced this. What’s the root of the problem: non-compatible headphones or damaged jack? I really hope it isn’t the jack because it’s like a 120 euros repair job for a new motherboard, right?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Do the headphones work with other devices? Like your computer, for example?

Do you have a Fairphone 2? If yes, then your phone is modular! :smiley: If your headphone jack really was broken, you’d only have to replace the Fairphone 2 top module for 25,20€. :smiley:

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I have the same problem. It’s with EVERY headphone I use with my Fairphone 2, and it’s happening when the connector is pushed “backwards” (when looking at the screen).
It is definitely the connector in the FP2, and I’m very skeptical it will magically get fixed with a new module - that probably is manufactured in the same way, so will have the same fault.

I just live with it. But it is annoying, I know…


The headphones, which I initially thought were the problem, don’t give similar audio problems when used with an mp3 player device or my laptop. Perhaps this is down movement? I move about a lot when listening to music on my phone.

I’ve also just tried a Bluetooth headset and it seems to work wonderfully, but I will test it tomorrow properly on my commute.

I do have a FF2, and it’s great! This is the only problem I’ve noticed. If that price is the case, then I must have been looking up an old FF1 thread. Thanks for informing me because I was a bit worried!

@SoundsFab, you are being too pessimistic. Every phone can have manufacturing faults, that’s why there is a warranty period where you can claim a repair for free. I suggest you contact Fairphone support and tell them about the issue. They will probably send you a new module.[quote=“Sabbie, post:4, topic:24362”]
The headphones, which I initially thought were the problem, don’t give similar audio problems when used with an mp3 player device or my laptop. Perhaps this is down movement?

@sabbie, I do think that it might have something to do with CTIA vs OMTP…

Yes, you’re right, I am a bit pessimistic. You have to forgive me, it just seems there is more wrong than right with this phone from time to time. The reseller in Sweden where I live started the phone company just for the sake of selling this phone as a green alternative. I’ve gotten several SIM-cards from them, but never gotten 4g to work with this phone and their SIMs. The same SIMs work in other phones though.

So that’s the first problem. Then I also have the left side of touch screen doesn’t work problem, which I just filed a support request for.

And on top of all that, and the battery drain bug, I guess the heaphone issue is the least of all problems hovering around this hardware, so I don’t mind it too much. If no-one else besides me and @Sabbie has the headphone connection problem, I’m the happiest because that would mean (in the best of worlds) that only 2 modules have that problem.

Why would this be a problem with CTIA vs OMTP? It behaves more like a loose connector inside the FP2 to me.
Maybe I should request a replacement module for the headphone as well hmm…


Well, yes - it will most probably be made in the same way. I strongly believe it did not behave this way from the start after purchase.You may be covered by warranty though. Those sockets are not made for any kind of force or stress As well placing the phone in the trousers pocket is rather disadvantageous. I often wonder when looking at people hasting by with a phone of such size how long it would take it being pressed into tight pockets with plugged headphones.
I would be wondering if a new module would show the same fault straight out of the pack. This then rather looks like a general series problem and I know for sure that mine is working flawless since the beginning.


I have doubts about this Stefan, as Sabbie wrote at the beginning:

Pin alignment of the connecting plug won´t change after some time.
I rather tend to believe the socket or soldering is faulty.

Hi again,

So, I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to headphones. I buy 'em cheap because I burn through them so quickly due to constant use–erm, seriously, if Fairphone did headphones I’d feel so much better about abusing them because I mainly bought the phone for environmental/foreign worker reasons. I don’t mind replacing stuff and have no issue with repairs, especially if it is only 25 euros.

I have yet to look into the whole CTIA v OMTP issue, but I’m day off tomorrow and will have a look just to confirm for you. If it helps, my headphones ‘crackle’ in both earpieces a lot and ‘blow out’ on the right side earpiece when the phone/headphone wire near the jack stick isn’t in the right position. However, @Patrick1 mentioned concern about having a phone jammed into a back pocket with headphones…which is basically where it lives for at least 4 hours straight a day! But, I used a second-hand IPhone 5 for years up until last year in the same manner and had no issue…

I tried a Bluetooth headphone set today and it worked brilliantly for my commute. I can’t cycle without music, and because the device skips the jack entirely, it was the first decent commute I’ve had in weeks. The problem is one of the niggling ones that seemed to get worse over time. However, my kitchen has prominent drawer handles and I’ve snagged the headphones out on numerous occasions, which made me doubtful whether this was just my usual headphone wire death/wrong type or if I had damaged the jack.

I’ll have a play about tomorrow and let you know.

Many thanks again for everyone replying.

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I had the same problem, got a new module from support, that lastet for 2 weeks, no I’m one-eared again :frowning:

I have the same problem with all kinds of headphones and home stereo cables.

In addition sometimes FP seems to suddenly detect the audio jack as a headset jack, which leads to notifications about how I can now use voice commands and switching around of the volume.

Judging from the comments in this thread, this seems like a design flaw that can’t be fixed with a replacement module. Or did anyone get this fixed through module replacement?

Does your headphone plug have 3 or 4 contacts? Those with 3 contacts should not do any actions (like play/pause/skip, volume up/down, start voice assistant) on your phone. If multiple plugs (with 3 contacts) do those actions, then your headphone jack is dirty or broken and you should ask support for a new top module.

If your headphones does have 4 contacts, it could start actions as wanted (pressing buttons) or as unwanted (short circuit between microphone and ground contact). Workaround for avoiding the unwanted start of actions is to use an extension cable (or one-plug-two-jack adaptors) which only has 3 contacts on the plug. The solution for that would be to repair or to replace the broken headphones.

Is anyone else familiar with this problem: The jack of the headset fits only if the cover is removed. Is this a production error or are other headsets more compatible? I use the FP2 with Samsung wire headseat with one button.

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I have a similar problem: the headphone jack fits but no sound comes through the earbuds unless the case is off. Even with the case off, only one earbud works unless you adjust/twist the end of the cable. Quite annoying but no idea how to fix it.

It looks like a problem with the jack itself because my earbuds work fine with other devices. Maybe it’s dirty or something?


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