Not possible to edit calender events after update to Android 6

My calendar (the built in app) is connected with the exchange server at work. This is working well, except of one issue:
It is not possible to edit calendar events with the phone, when they were created by Outlook on the PC.
The only thing I’m able to edit is the notification time. And using the calendar event reminder, I’m able to edit the item, but this will create a new item with the modified properties.
Creating an item with the calendar app is no problem, and this is to be seen in Outlook and it is possible to edit this in the calendar app. But unfortunately, most of my events are created at the PC.
I considerd to use the outlook app, but the rating at the playstore is quite bad, and I’m not sure if this would work.

And you just upgraded now to Android 6 and with Android 5 it was working well? Do/did you use official Google-Android builds before and now? Usually with get a policy from work which tells which rights you have from mobile phone. This may be restricted in case for not getting conflicts with otherwise created appointments. Are you sure that it has nothing to do with the policy? Maybe it has changed a few days ago?

Exchange offers CalDav support. In case your company has opened this interface you’re not limited to apps with direct exchange-support (although this may be more convenient), but you could e.g. try CalDav-Sync apps which can be integrated in your regular calendar app.

For Exchange 2003/2007 with WebDav support you can also sync with free K-9 Mail (which does not offer a calendar, though).


Well you can’t be sure if you don’t try.
Ratings in the Play Store don’t tend to lie overall so you have a point there, but outright denying to try it when Outlook is the “official” and intended client for Exchange as well as trying it would possibly give a valuable hint at whether the built-in App is somehow at fault or not … seems strange.

If all else fails, give Outlook a shot, I’d say.

I upgraded to Android 6 some months before, but noticed this behavior shortly after that. I rarely edit caledar items in the mobile, but it related to that upgrade. And yes, I use(d) the official Android from Fairphone before (5) and after (6).

Hi Roland768,
I had problems with my exchange account too. The best and easiest way for me was to delete and recreate the exchange account on the phone (don’t forget to purge the apps cache after deleting the account). After synchronizing the exchange account (contacts, calendar, mail) worked well.


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