Not every USB-C cable will work with FP3


Please note: the USB charging cable is sold separately


Sadly it has to be orderded/bought separately. So that’s another 20 euros.


You can also order the cable and use it with an existing charger. Maybe no Quick Charge 3.0 that way, but the phone will charge.


Though Quick Charge 3.09 seems to be the reason the FP3 might not get Android 10 at all, as described in another thread.


Good that you found it again.
As I have posted here long time ago, some manufacturer kept distance to USB-C as the risk of finding a not “matching” combination in the market was simply too high to maybe get liable for a damage caused by using their device with such a improper implemented USB-C cable.

Well people asked for USB-C in their FP2/3, now people have USB-C in their FP3. For known reason to me I never wanted it.

After all, it’s not the problem of FP3, but the general problem of how USB, more precisely USB-C is implemented in the market. On Amazon it’s meanwhile very risky to receive a proper manufactured USB-C cable. But one can find a bad one at almost every place. Only testing can show, which is risky after all. The price is no guarantee being save of a fake/wrong wired cable.
If one does not need faster charging a µUSB -> USB-C adapter (preferable of a magnetic type) should serve well and also provide data transmission.


Hi all, just wanted to add some extra information here, as @AnotherElk pinged me above. The reason some USB-C cables don’t work with FP3 is due to the fact that the manufacturing process and specifications may vary based on who produces them.
We encourage you to check for the chargers you already have - or if you are looking at other ones besides the ones on our website, if they are IF certified. You can read more about the certification here:


This is why I bought an official charger plus cable by Fairphone. It is a little bit more expensive, but I know it is going to work.

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Just to be clear though it is not a Raspberrry Pi 4 type situation though right? They did not have a spec compliant USB-C port. I assume the FP3 has a spec compliant port but you are just saying if the cable is not spec compliant it may not work. Any spec compliant cable will work.

That’s just rumors, if you actually look at source mentioned in the other thread, you see there is actually no reason to assume the FP3 will not get Android 10 because of the charging port/ Quick Charge 3.


Hi aaron, indeed my message refers to individual cables customers might have at home and not the FP3 port.


I ordered 5 adapters to fit my existing cables. I hope they work!!!

Excuse me but why 5?

I can’t speak for @Garijs, but …

I have more than 1 charging cable lying around, ready to use, in different convenient places in my household, and they are all micro USB.
With the Fairphone 3 I need them to be USB-C.

There’s a use case for more than 1 adapter already.
But it gets better …

These cables already have magnetic adapters put on.
Several devices in my household with micro USB ports have the magnetic counterparts in their ports already and can be charged this way. Until now a lonely USB-C device is missing out, because I initially only got micro USB counterparts for the device ports, and the USB-C device came later.

But, thanks to the Fairphone 3 arriving somewhen (hopefully), I got compatible USB-C counterparts (more than 1 use case No. 2) for the existing magnetic adapters on the cables … and I only hope this all works like I want it to :slight_smile: .

Yes, I also got more than 1 charger and 1 cable, but why 5? I also got magnetic USB-C cables, but I find it less important for USB-C than for microUSB. USB-C fits easier than microUSB. Also, with USB-C, there’s a chance your cable does not support QC3. Although you won’t always need QC3 either.

Could still be that you need let’s say 3, and you only have the choice of buying single ones or a pack of 5, with buying 3 single ones significantly more expensive than the pack of 5, and with the pack you’ve got 2 potential visitors or future devices covered :slight_smile: .

Judging by this here topic I would be happy if it was charging at all with the existing cables and adapters.

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One for my very old charger downstairs,
One for my cable on my desktop computer upstairs,
One for work,
One for my motorcycle,
One as a spare in case I lose one (I will).


Called the help centre today, because my charger and cable still weren’t in. The answer:

“Unfortunately, it seems we have the same issue for the chargers as we did for the Fairphone 3’s, thus I believe your charger will most likely come towards mid-November.”


“Another option could be to cancel this order and you can purchase the charger from a local store which would save in CO2 emissions otherwise you will not receive this order until we get more in stock.”


So this means, that “Prepare order”-Status will stay as long (i.e. some weeks) as “Rhenus prepare shipping”.
Life with a Fairphone really does teach you patience. :grin:


Does this only apply to the chargers or also the cable? Does anyone know?

I ordered both and this was the answer I got, so I am assuming it’s both. Not 100% sure, though.

Also asked for a list of good compatible other chargers/cables. Waiting on a possible response.