Not connecting to Jabra elite 75t

When trying to connect my wireless earbuds Jabra elite 75t to my FP4, the phone does not pair with the earbuds. Not automatically, not manually. When turning to my bluetooth settings The earbuds appear in the list of devices but when selecting nothing happens. Using the settings symbol and then choosing connecting, also nothing happens.

  1. the jabra earpods work fine on my fp3
  2. the same seems to happen to other bluetooth devices, no response on the FP4 when selecting them

Hi and welcome to the forum, can you reset the earbuds and start pairing again? Is the FP3 near when you try to connect and probably blocking the connection?

I have reset the earbuds and tried pairing again, but unfortunately that didn’t work. the FP3 is not in the neighbourhood, however, this does not solve the problem with the FP4.
to test whether other devices would not connect I paired my sportwath, without trouble.

So the FP4 or the Jabra buds connected with your smartwatch?

Did you check the tipps in the official troubleshooter

The FP4 connects with the sportwatch. I checked the official troubleshooter. I think this is an error between FP4 and jabra …

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I’m using Jabra Elite 65t (I guess it’s the preceding generation to yours), no problems connecting to FP4.

I can remember having problems to connect anew when the phone did not know the earbuds but this does not seem to be the problem in your case since you wrote:

Don’t forget to restart the phone to see if that solves the problem. And make sure that you disconnect all other phones / tablets / … from your earbuds when trying to connect the FP4. If I remember correct my buds can maintain connection to two already known devices at the same time but they cannot be paired with a new device when actively connected to another one.


Hi Dabuh. Thanks for your advices. Still, after removing jabra app from all my other devices, the problem remains that there is no response when clicking on jabra in the list of bluetooth devices or click on connect in the settings.
Which is also applicable to other devices in the list, even the sportwatch that was earlier connected via its app.

Have you tried
Settings > System > Advanced >Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

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Removing the jabra app on your other devices is not quite what I meant. Actually the jabra app is not needed for connecting the ear buds with a phone, you just need the already present bluetooth settings on your phone. I don’t have the jabra app installed, currently.

This is how you can temporarily disconnect your other android devices from the ear buds. (Or you can shut those devices down for the process of pairing the buds with FP4. Or disable bluetooth on the other devices. It’s just about the buds not connecting to anything so that they are in bluetooth pairing mode.)


Also, you might want to go step by step through the official jabra guide.

I’ve consulted that more than once (for elite 65t in my case) because I tend to forget which buttons to press in which order on the buds so that they are in pairing mode.

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I had the 65t (gave that one away) and now have the 75t (larger battery), both worked out of the box for me. Not useful for you of course. But at least I can confirm that it’s not an FP4 issue. Pairing with both my phone and laptop at the same time works fine too.

@Tanja_de_Jonge have you tried following the pairing steps with the Jabra companion app? You may also try a reset of your earbuds. Press and hold the buttons of both earbuds until you hear a confirmation it’s reset.

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