Not connected to T-Mobile US

I have a brand new sim from T-Mobile and it’s connecting to data but I’m not able to access the internet

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Welcome over here, Stu :+1:

Info for others: Stu has a Murena Fairphone 4 in the USA.


Can I ask if you have a $15 prepaid plan? The $10 is only like a gigabyte of data and it goes very quickly with heavy internet use even Wi-Fi calling uses cell data. A lot of websites use a lot of data. The only other thing is roaming and mobile data enabled in wi-fi settings? This is separate from mobile hotspot under carrier services.

I do not I’m on their prorated plan

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How do you see that “it’s connecting to data”?
Did you double check the APN settings?
Did you try to disable advanced privacy (resp. especially the hidden IP there)?

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I think I know why now, its because I still have my eSIM activated on my iPhone 14 Pro Max

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I still have my iPhone 14 Pro Max active with my eSIM. So once I transfer my eSIM over to my Fairphone it should work.

Watch out when moving a SIM from an Apple phone to Android. I seem to remember there being a problem to do with SMS routing. Have a look at some of these.

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