Not able to speak if not with earphone or speakerphone

Hi, I can’t speak with my phone if I’m not using earphones or speakerphone. It happened after a call with the speakerphon ‘on’. The people don’t ear me at all without these now.
I don’t know how to solve it, I don’t even know where to look.

Thanks for your help =)
Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à parler dans mon téléphone si je n’utilise pas les écouteurs ou le haut-parleur. C’est apparu après avoir passé un coup de téléphone en haut parleur. Les gens ne m’entendent pas du tout parler sans ces outils maintenant.
Je ne sais pas comment régler ce problème, je ne sais même pas où regarder.

Merci pour votre aide =)


I have had this problem as well and had to order a new bottom module, free from fairphone. But it has just happened again to me, also after using the speakerphone. If I order another bottom module this will be my 4th one, so it defeats the sense of being more environmentally friendly. And I have friend who it has happened to as well.
Is there anything that can fix it without just replacing the part every time??

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As mentioned in post #2, it’s most likely a defect in the bottom module. See the Fairphone troubleshooting guide > Calls > The caller can’t hear me.


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