Not able to install OS on FP4

luemn_a 2 days ago

I’ve installed UT on my wife’s FP4, she doesn’t like it, arghh
I’ve tried to install FP factory OS but no luck. Device is unlocked

The following is the error given:

ERROR: The critical partitions are not unlocked.
Please refer to our support articles for help.
ERROR: Aborting now (press Enter to terminate).

So I though that I could try something else and this time I’ve tried CalyxOS and come up with another error:

5.1. Please use the volume and power keys on the device to unlock the bootloader (critical) -

Failed to unlock (critical) FP4 ed42d694 bootloader

Iv’e tried fastboot flashing unlock_critical

fastboot reboot

But nothing works

What’s the output of fastboot oem device-info && fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability :thinking:

Are you still able to boot the phone into UT?

output < waiting for any device >

yep I can boot into UT

Did you try another USB cable? Are you sure it’s a data cable? Does it work to transfer data through it when UT is running?
Did you try another USB port?
What’s the OS of the computer you’re using? If Linux did you use sudo in front of the rest of the command? If windows, did you start it from a command shell with admin rights?

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Thanks for your comments.
Yes I can transfer data.
OS is Debian and I did use sudo

And I suppose you’ve really been in fastboot mode (green START at the top of the screen and red information about unlocked state at the bottom) when you typed in the fastboot commands, right?

That is correct, big START in green and all that. Just for curiosity I’ve tried to install UT again on top of UT and it let me do it…

That sounds like the usual fastboot USB problems, try different cables / ports until it shows up under fastboot devices.

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