Not able to get data roaming abroad FP2

I am not getting data roaming working abroad in Israel.

I have set up the simcard, but 3 G or 4 G is not working. I have added the APN manually of my operator (Cellcom) nothing is working. When i choose network operators it find cellcom but it doesn’t stay, I everytime have to select it again but no success, it says it is registered on network but when I go again into network operators I need to choose it again.
When I go to the website of fairphone, Israel is not mentioned in the country lists:

How can I get data roaming working while in Israel…? I need it for work urgently…

Thank you

Just a couple of questions:

  • Are you using one or two SIMs?
  • Cellcom appears to be an Israeli operator. Is your home provider using their network, or did you get a cellcom SIM in Israel that you want to use for data?

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the fast response.

I am using TWO sim cards:

Simcard slot 1 is Telfort (my regular Dutch Simcard) which I use for calls
and sms from Netherlands, data roaming is disabled.

Simcard slot 2 Cellcom - Israeli prepaid simcard which i want to use for
data roaming, phone calls and sms, data roaming is open. but I cannot get
online on 3G/4G. I can call and sms.

I tried to swop simcards around but still the cellcom simcard wouldn’t get
data roaming working (of course I changed the setting per slot).

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you,

Esther Hertog

What could be happening is that the 3G/4G connection is still active for the Telfort SIM. You’ll need to set the Telfort SIM to 2G only, and then set the Cellcom SIM to 3G/4G. The settings you need are under Settings > More > Mobile networks. There’s a somewhat illustrated guide in the support article here:

By the way, your Cellcom card will not need to have roaming enabled unless you want to use cellcom services outside of Israel.


Hi Johannes,

Thanks it is working!
So simple but if you don’t know it and can’t find the solution online its
so frustrating.
I suggest to put the advice you gave me as well online about roaming abroad.

Thank you

Esther Hertog

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