Not able to change specific app permissions to true

Hi out there!

I have just (3 hours ago) updated to Version 6.0.1 (Open OS).

Somehow, I can’t change some permissions to true:

  • The ones listed in the standard-list are easy to change and remain enabled even after I left the dialog. --> fine!
  • The ones listed under additional permissions (or something like this, “Zusätzliche Berechtigungen” in German) can be enabled, but when I leave the dialog and come back again, they are disabled.

Does somebody else have this problem?

  • Same issue here!
  • Doesn’t occur to me …

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Would be nice, if someone could help …

Thanks for every suggestion!

Hi everybody,

got some good news :grinning: :

Somehow, I had the idea to grant contacts-permission to my tasks app.
Even though I am still not able to change the permissions for tasks now, saving tasks on my phone works pretty well, even after reboot.

Just try it out, guys, hope this will help you too.