Northern light pics

Hi, does someone has experience and tips on fotographing the northern light?
I have a fairphone3a and it can only have a shutterspeed of 2,9 secs…
Is that enough ? Or do i have to buy a proper camera…:slight_smile:

Have you tried other camera apps?

I’ve only seen northern lights once, they were very faint and I had a proper camera with me, but I think that should be sufficient. Mount your phone on a tripod or put it down, so you don’t shake the image. Also, use a 1 second timer, so the picture doesn’t get blurred by you tapping the button.

From what I know though, northern lights always look much better on pictures than in real life, so you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Thanks , i bought a TripAdvisor so that problem is solved…

Yes i did, but they All end up with only 3 secs shutterspeed and it is not aproving above fairphone app.

I think it all depends on what you expect from the pictures and what you know about photography. I would not use a Smartphone for such pictures, however buying a camera just for this…

My Aurelia borealis experience with a Canon EOS 450D 11 years ago without knowing much about best photography settings and I assume I used auto settings (for sure you can hardly compare this camera sensor etc. with the FP3 Hardware/Software). Maybe you will find in this community better tipps or hints within the Exif data.

Even if shutter time will not change most likely did you try a GCam Port?

Thank you All for these usefull tips, iwill upload my hopefully beautifull pics…

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