Normal sms to more than one person always convert to mms

I just want to send a normal sms to a group of people but it always convert to mms. But i dont want to send a mms, just a sms to more than one person. Is there any solution for this? I need this for my work and its too much effort to send a sms to every single person seperatly. Thank you for your help.

Hi @Nad,

I think I read about someone else having this kind of problem before, but I couldn’t find it right now.
Instead, I found a similar topic. Maybe the solution introduced there will help you too. It is a rather advanced solution though: How to be sure you send an sms and not an mms?.

Maybe in this thread? Tools and Apps for enhanced privacy

Yes! That’s where I read about it before, cheers @madde!

I use Google Hangouts for my SMS app and this allows SMS messages to be sent to multiple people.

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I had the issue too (FP1U). Actually, there is no need for technical workarounds, it’s simply an option to uncheck:

  • go to the messaging app main window
  • tap the menu screen button
  • choose parameters
  • choose mms settings
  • uncheck “group messaging”

(not sure about the exact wording, I’m gessing from a french localization)
After that, all my sms messages to several recipients get sent as ordinary sms.