Nordic countries and sustainability

We don’t all have the same definition of sustainable if I think about all the Norwegian offshore platforms to extract gas and oil.

I know it is pleasant to hear but Norway is a small market in terms of smartphones. If I remember well, most of Fairphone sales are in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

For the rest, I can understand what you say even though I feel like security updates are at most every two months (except for the period that preceded the release of Android 12).

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Norway is the most sustainable country in the world, oil or not.

We are going off topic but another source with data from 2021 doesn’t put Norway at the first position in Europe when CO2 emissions are related to population (CO2 emission 2021 |

When you know almost all the electricity produczd in Norway for its own consumption is renewable, it means the production of gas and oil has a big impact on the CO2 emissions if the country.

Norways or any other nation electricity production or C02 emission is rather irrelevant in a disscussion about a smartphones security updates. Don’t you think?

Wow! A whole topic about sustainability from the Nordic perspective, or is that from people outside Nord.

As a Nerd I consider the subject of sustainability a hoax to encourage more modern consumerism, else we may all go back to cultivating our own food, and then who’s going down the mines.

I live in Benelux so not from a Nordic country.

If sustainability implies to consume more then it is not sustainable :wink:

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