Non-random restarts - Fairphone 3

Hi all! I have seen lots of posts about random restarts on the forum, but my situation is slightly different. I have a Fairphone 3 and it restarts with frustrating regularity. Once restarted, it won’t work until I restart it again, and then it is fine. The difference with other posts is that it is not random. In my daily life, there are certain ‘kill zones’ where my phone will always restart. Driving down a particular street - restart. Go into a specific building - restart. Over time, these zones change, sometimes disappearing, more often new ones appearing. It is incredibly frustrating, especially when I’m driving, because it means I can’t phone anyone without pulling off the motorway and restarting my phone twice until it works and I can communicate again. I have a lot of patience with the company for obvious reasons, but it’s quite incredible that no solution has been found for this issue yet, given that I’ve seen people talking about it for a number of years.
Is there any suggestion that this problem is fixable?

As you seem to have read many FP3 reboot topics, I assume you’ve already tried to disable LTE?


Hi! Yes, switched off for both sims…


Did you watch out for


Hi! I don’t understand, sorry. That static electricity is restarting my phone? Why is fairphone the only phone I’ve ever heard of being affected by this? Thanks for replying!

It was just an idea. I don’t if it would be possible in any case. But you told of special places, that reminded me of static electricity.

Maybe you can try to pass through those areas with a sim card from another operator, or without sim card, or airplane mode selected? I say this to rule out that it may be an incompatibility with the telecom company, or with the sim card itself (these are just ideas, I do not know what is the origin of the problem).


Hi Jens1! Sorry, I responded quickly at work so perhaps I came across as being dismissive, certainly not my intension! Thank you for getting involved and suggesting a possible reason!

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Hi Mixigodo, thanks for the response. I’ve actually tried with airplane mode on, and the phone didn’t restart, but as I’m sure you’ll understand, it’s not a longterm solution, especially for driving… does the fact that airplane mode solves the problem help to diagnose the issue? Thanks!

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Oh, of course. But knowing that may help to track down the problem. Have you tried a SIM card from another carrier? I’ve read on the forum that there are often problems with the phone (which don’t seem to be related to that in the first place) due to having an old SIM card, or problems and incompatibilities with certain carriers.

Have you tried contacting support directly? This is only a user forum, but the official Fairphone support might be more useful: contactsupport (be patient, as you can read in the forum that sometimes they take several days to answer… they are usually faster on the phone, in case you want to try).

I hope your problem is solved soon, or that someone can be of more help. Best of luck!