Non google keyboard with predictive text in several languages

Hello, I’m new to fairphone and trying to customise away from google. I am looking for a keyboard with predictive text in at least English and German, ideally also Spanish and French. Do you know how I could go about finding one? Based on some recommendations in the forum I tried simple keyboard, but that does not seem to have any predictive text or languages. Any advice would be lovely.

Not sure what you mean with predictive Text, however I use OpenBoard from F-Droid Store (should be in GPlay store as well) and can easily switch between languages while typing.


By predictive text I meant it comes up with the next word based on frequent words and also remembers your usual words. From your screen shot that looks like exactly what I need. And also looks like it’s really easy to switch language while typing, which is awesome. Thanks so much.

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This may not be what you’re after, but this is the keyboard i rock every day. It’s a fork of OpenBoard with Swype-like functionality. It’s not predictive typing, but I reckon it’s way better:

Below is a video of me typing this reply with that keyboard, if you need convincing :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh and yeah, to address the multiple languages question:

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Thanks for the videos. Really useful as I’ve never seen this sort of thing. :+1:

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