Non-EU support for Fairphone 2 (US antenna module)

If FP is so open source and modular why hasnt a US antenna module been made ?

Just my take on this …

  1. The phone is not open source (Where does it say that?), one version of Fairphone’s own Android OS for the phone is (well, mostly).
  2. There is no antenna module on its own.
  3. Making something for the US market isn’t done with adapting some parts of the hardware and software. There’s more to consider … regulations, certifications, and not the least what you wrote in the topic title: support. You have to be able to finance and handle all this. Fairphone is still a small company.
  4. Fairphone support some non-EU countries within Europe already (currently Norway and Switzerland), as well as they don’t support quite a list of in some way or other EU-associated territories. It’s not only an EU thing, although trading in the EU makes some things easier which quickly get more complicated when you consider looking beyond the EU. Norway and Switzerland for example accept certain EU regulations by being part of the EEA, which I bet got them included into Fairphone support.

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