Noise with speaker and headset on phonecalls

Hi there,

With the FP2 I hear a continuous noise on the speaker and on the headset (ear plugs), but only with phone calls.

I tested:

Phone calls:

  • normal (not with speakers activated): very good
  • speaker: continuous noise
  • headset: continuous noise

Youtube Videos:

  • speaker: very good
  • headset: very good

“continuous noise” -> “Grundrauschen”, basic/ambient/background noise; independent if the other person speaks or I speak.

When I call from the same location with my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) the quality is very good.

I haven’t found any software oder hardware settings to switch.

Can someone give me directions where to debug?
Is this expected behaviour, is this the same with other fairphones, or is it a hardware issues with mine?

Many thanks …

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Hi here,

I have exactly the same problem. It was there from the very beginning. I contacted the support team, but have not heard from them… let each other know, when something comes up?

best wishes

I have the same problem as well (and using headphones it’s too loud). So at the moment I am not very satisfied with the phone:
Speakers: constant static nois
headphones: too loud, so can’t use.
I’ll call the support… as tickets aren’t answered as quickly.

I had a lovely chat with Fairphone and the problem was known to them. I received an E-Mail with this hint:
"To be more specific with the speaker problem you are having, I would recommend you to remove for speakers and replace them. The link below will show you how to do so; Link to ifixit "
I will try my hand at taking apart my phone… and will get back with an answer.