Nobel Peace Prize 2018 laureate Denis Mukwege

Dr Mukwege just (Dec 10) held his Nobel speach. In ithe very clearly explained the terrible consequences of the mineral mining i Congo.
I suggesty that you present Dr Mukwege with a Fairphone ( if you did not already did so). Surely you have a Noewegian retailer who could do so while he is still in Norway.
I also suggest that you give a link to his Nobel speach at the Fairphone web site.

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Fairphone the company you can reach via

This is the forum of the community of Fairphone users.


I think the prize money of 1 mio Euro would be enough if he wants to buy a FP2. :wink: On the other hand, Fairphone sometimes wants to equip public people with Fairphones to spread the word to a wider audience.

Anyway, his current phone is more sustainable than a new FP2.

With the french France-Afrique disclosure association called Survie, we organized a projection of his “bio-pict” I could have shown the insides of my FP2 too some audience after the movie debates. It was quite a success.

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