No wifi networks available

Hi, I have just received my Fairphone 2 yesterday. The wifi was working okay until I connected to my mobile network data. After that, the wifi connection just simply stopped working.

There is a problem with my Fairphone 2 because it fails to detect or search for any available wifi networks. Before this problem happened, once I switched on the wifi button, there is a list of available networks which appears instantly and I could just select my home wifi and connect.

But now, there isn’t any wifi network showing on the list after I switched on the wifi button, even if I go into setting > wifi and then turned it on, the page is empty and no wifi networks appear, therefore I could not select any wifi network to connect to.

I have browsed through the forum and seems like there isn’t any posts discussing this issue. My phone simply could not search for available wifi networks and hence I cannot connect through wifi.

To solve this, I have tried to:

  1. unmount my sim card and sd card to reboot it
  2. go to Settings > Wifi > Advanced Setting > WPS Push Button (and a notification popped up and said “Request failed. Try a few minutes later”)
  3. Clear cache of my running apps and google play services (as some people recommended this method on this forum)

However, none of the above works. My phone can only connect to mobile data, which is very frustrating because I do not have unlimited mobile data.

I would be really grateful if anyone knows how to fix this issue!:sweat:

P.S. I’m sure this is not my router’s problem because all my other devices are working fine - I can search my home wifi and connect to it on my other devices.

Turn your wifi off and then on.
Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > refresh
What happens then?

Check at Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always
Check at Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi freqency band> Automatic

Thanks for your reply! I have checked the settings and they are already set as “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always” and “Wi-Fi freqency band> Automatic”. Still, my phone could not detect any wifi networks.

I have also hard reset my phone…it is still not working.

What happens if you Settings > Wi-Fi > refresh?

Hi, the Settings > Wi-Fi > refresh is not working since the “refresh” button is grey colour and cannot be clicked. I can only click on Settings > Wifi > Advanced. Many thanks for trying to help though :slight_smile:

No need to do this. Simply reboot your phone.

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