No WhatsApp/Signal notifications


My PF3 does not display message notifications (WhatsApp and Signal). Not in the lock screen, but also not as a drop-down notifications or even a little icon in the top bar.

My phone broke a while back and I used another android, which did show all these notifications, as well as a little green ball on the app logo when I received messages. Returning to my FP3 without notifications is a bit annoying. Any way I can fix this?

Hi Leonie,

you might want to check out this help article to get notifications on your Fairphone, too:


Also great too know that you are back from the Future and have managed to bring a Fairphone 4 with you :wink:

Best wishes,


You might also need to update your FP3 (if it is an FP3) to the latest operating system if it is LED notifications you are missing.


No, I don’t care about te LED, it’s everything else…

Hahaha. Please don’t tell anyone :wink:

The problem isn’t that I don’t know where the settings are, it’s just that they don’t seem to work :confused:

Did you check if Do Not Disturb was on?


Found it! Had to modify the 'do not disturb’mode.
All good now, thanks for the replies!


I thought of this one minute before your reply :wink:

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