No vibration when receiving text messages

When I am in vibrate mode: my Fairphone 4 does not vibrate when receiving texts or emails.
It worked !
It hasn’t worked since the last 2 updates.
Current update: FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920.
Please let me know if there is an option that has changed.

Which Apps du you use for SmS and E-Mail? For other things Vibration still works?

You can check the settings for notifications for each app under settings-apps. Or maybe your can check in the app settings, if you can change anything here.

For sms I use the application provided with the Fairphone.
For emails, I use Outlook.
I checked in the settings and the vibrator is activated !

For calls: the vibrator works well.
For other notifications: Facebook, Whatsapp for example: the vibrator works well.

The vibrator does not work for sms and emails :
As I said, it worked until 1 or 2 months ago… So I suspect an update changed something?

so you checked for the specific apps not only the general settings?
I just tested with QKSMS on my FP 4 same OS Version and it vibrates. Cant check the stock SMS app or outlook.

Edit: using K9 Mail it also vibrates for in coming E-Mails

Yes I have checked in the applications.
took screenshots… but I don’t see how to send attachments on the forum.

Does anyone else on the forum use the “SMS” message app that comes with the Fairphone and have the same problem: no vibration when receiving text messages (SMS)?
Thanks for your help !

Just use the “upload icon” at the bottom right off the forum editor window:

Did you check if all notification permissions for the sms app are granted in system settings?

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