No updates for over 6 months - no acces to Play Store

Hi everyone

My problem seems to be a rare one; my phone has quit updating any app I have on it about 6 months ago. I also don’t have access to the installed apps list on my Google Play Store. It just says ‘Storage - 60% used’. In the tab ‘updates’ it says ‘something went wrong scanning for updates’. Lastly, I have not received the latest Android update either.

I also keep getting the on-screen notification ‘Google Services for Instant Apps has been shut down’ over and over again when I unlock my screen and start an app.

I feel like something is blocking the phone’s access to updates but I’m not sure what it can be. Someone mentioned it could be the McAfee app but I have deinstalled it and the problem remains the same.

If necessary I will reboot the phone, but I’d rather know what the cause of the problem is, so I can evade it in the future.

Thanks in advance!

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This one is likely the result of the app store not functioning. To receive the Android 7 upgrade, you’ll have to update the Fairphone updater first… which is blocked by your malfunctioning app store.

I always hate it when companies (Google in this case) treat their users with contempt by not saying what’s really wrong. In absence of such debugging information, and presumably in absence of sufficient access rights to your own phone to really solve system-level problems, I suspect the easiest path forward is to perform a manual install of Fairphone OS.


My advice would be to reboot first and only investigate further if the problem persists, especially if the piece of software potentially causing the issue was uninstalled. It’s rather common for computets (including touch-input enabled computers with phone function aka smartphones) to require a reboot to remove the remainders of uninstalled software.


Hey Roy, thanks for the information. I succeeded in manually searching the Fairphone updater in the app store and installed the latest Android updates (apparently I missed 2). I then updated all my apps individually the same way. However, I could not update any Google app (like Youtube); for some reason it required me to sign in to my google account but when I checked, nothing was wrong. I changed my password, logged in again, but the problem of the faulty message persists.

I think in tandem with the advice of BeMiGro, I’ll try and reboot first and then check if a manual install of Fph OS is necessary.

Thanks again and fingers crossed!

If apps fail to install, you can often fix this by deleting the data of Google Play Services and Play Store in Settings > Apps. You do not lose anything important when doing that. I would recommend trying that before doing a reinstall.


I have had no problem with installing apps - it’s just that there seemd to be a missing link between the app store and my google acc.

So I rebooted, everything seems to be in order and the problem with the play store is gone. The only problem now is that Instagram fails to re-install because suddenly it says ‘app is incompatible with your device’ even though I updated it last week and it was working fine …

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