No update Fairphone OS possible

I am trying to update the OS of my Fairphone 3 but that doesn’t seem possible.

If I go to System->Advanced->System update I see that I have the latest version of Android (9), but there is no information about the software version of the Fairphone OS. Pressing “check for updates” doesn’t help.

The software version of the “My Fairphone” app is 0.1.0.

Please advise.

Sjef de Rouw
The Netherlands

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Hi Sjef,

first of all: there is no “My Fairphone” app that I am aware of.

Settings > Systems > Advanced > System Update only does the update check.

You can see your detailed OS information at Settings > About the Phone > Android version

The latest and greatest has the Google security patches from February 5 and the Build Number 8901.2.A.0111.20200131.

If yours is older and you’re not yet seeing an available update, this could have numerous reasons. First and foremost that Android updates are being rolled out in a staged manner, Some phone receive it earlier, some a bit later. Just be patient.

Best wishes,

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try / force the update without any mobile carrier function, e.g. remove the sim card and update then. it should always work that way. good luck.

Thanks Teezeh. My android version is a bit older: 8901.2.A.0105.20191217. I’ll be patient!

My confusion about the Fairphone App is due to Support. There they mention a new version of the Fairphone OS released in February.


There is also an issue that affects Vodafone and Orange users (possibly other networks, but so far these two are the only ones known to have (had) issues). Their SIM cards appear to force a different update channel. If this is the problem you’re running into: Whilst they sort this out, the only other option that’s been reported on the Forum relies on having access to a SIM from a different provider: remove the Vodafone or Orange SIM, insert the other SIM (if it wasn’t in the other SIM slot already; note that removing all SIMs appears to be insufficient to reset the update channel), perform the update, and switch/put back the SIM(s).


The version that your FP3 is running was released end of January (if I remember correctly). There was no update in February, and the lastest is only a few days old and has not yet reached every phone out there.

Thanks for the hint Johannes, I seem to have this Issue here too. I am a bit unhappy about the autoreply from the Support team which urges me to get in contact with my phone dealer to get a new phone, this makes no sense. I opened a ticket but did not get any reply since 2020-03-22T23:00:00Z.

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I got my other carrier card today and changed the vodaphone with o2 … “Update available”. So I can confirm that the update channel depends on the sim card provider.

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I can confirm this solution (and from chri_sp). The problem is a SIM card from Orange or Vodaphone. You have to replace the “bad” SIM with another SIM from other phone-providers (Even deactivated SIMs work! Of course you need a PIN…). Connect WLAN, goto Settings > Systems > Advanced > System Update > Check for updates. The update was there immediately…

I can confirm this as well.

If you like, please take a look at where several forum members (including myself) shared their experiences & workarounds.